Next at Paola Davoli 2019 2020 Fall Winter (next year)

Release of a brand new pre-collection Fall Winter 2019/20

In these period, design and construction of our pre-collection dedicated to autumn winter 2020 is being carried out, yes 2020.

By the end of October, we will have ready an extended presentation of the knitwear and cut&sew jersey collection. The target will be a broad age group but increasingly focused on the young lady with the ambition to follow the most contemporary and current trends without neglecting Italian quality and portability.

Our research starts from yarns and fabrics, defining a first selection of colors, themes and textures we get to choose what we consider the best of Italian textile production from tested and reliable suppliers in Italy.

New collection still in progress is a succession of meetings, discussions, upheavals.

The intent it is always to amaze, attract the attention of customers. Having the attention of new customers it is increasingly difficult.

Distinguishing within Italian knitwear market has become almost impossible. We often ask ourselves what distinguishes us from other companies? The answer is that it became very hard job.

We have a history, we have been producing knitwear with continuity since 1970. We come from the domestic selling in the Italian whole country and we have arrived at the worldwide distribution of these days.

We always used the smartest technologies for production and customer's relationships. We have already implemented and planned our digital future. Digital showrooms allow us to instantly share photos and collections data on the internet.

Maglieria Paola Davoli managers are available to show and collaborate with you: agencies, wholesalers, chains of shops, we are in Carpi tel. + 39 059 693557