2020 Spring Summer
Paola Davoli announcing Autumn Winter 2012-21 fashion collection next November 2019 ModaMakers

Paola Davoli announcing Autumn Winter 2012-21 fashion collection next November 2019 ModaMakers

2019/20 Fall Winter

Factory “Maglieria Paola Davoli” proposes prototypes’ collection for clients that need a sampling purchase to build their own line or selling selection assortment of styles.

Sample repetions are provided with speed lead time of about 4/6 week from order, with customized details and "white label" or "private label" and even composition and washing care recevied from clients.

Precollection display starts in two periods of year: May and November

Collection future order - Ready to deliver - Special offers stock


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FALL 2019 WINTER 2020






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That knitwear from the family to the world - Paola Davoli and Sons.

From Carpi district Paola Davoli is the real knitting zero miles production in the sense that it is designed, developed, manufactured and finished in the district or at least in its immediate sorrounding area.
Therefore represents the excellence of "Made in Italy" which, needless to say, is its main preference of buyers abroad, especially in the Far East, in the upscale stores, as well as in the United States, in the boutiques that are inside luxury hotels.
Organized according to the canonical model of the small family-run company, with the three owners at the helm, the founder Paola Davoli and his two sons Daniel and Fabrizio Stermieri, and a loyal network of laboratories for subcontractors, Paola Davoli brand is an example how local and global business perspectives coexist, while seemingly at odds, they can actually intertwine for their mutual benefit of each other. 
"We’re specialize in knitwear for young lady - says Fabrizio Stermieri, the eldest of two brothers - and produce a mix that is flat knitting and jersey fabric, most often digitally printed. The digital technology allows us to develop a graphical complexity that was unthinkable a few years ago.Designs with millions of colors and with a perfect definition, as if they were photographs imprinted on the fabric. Thanks to the digital system we can also make changes by computer that allow us to get special graphical effects such as blurring, discoloration, overlapping, streaks or "fake ruined." They are all photographic effects that deceive the eye and give personality to the pattern. "
"Paola Davoli" was founded in 1970 as a knit clothing factory for childrenwear. Subsequently, expands to include a line for women who, in the following decade, it becomes the primary activity.  In the eighties, the company was moving towards the Fast fashion in the wake of the success of those years, but it did so without losing its identity. "We have always been a small company working mainly for the wholesale," explains Stermieri which came in very young at the company, while still attending school to graduate as accountant.  Its presence alongside mother Paola, followed after a few years of the arrival of Daniele, was decisive for the choice of betting on the appeal of the brand Paola Davoli. "Today, 70 percent of production brings our brand - he says - while the remaining 30 per cent is branded with the client's private label on our design. Every season we develop a very extensive collection from which customers can select for every distribution need. In any case, the creation is always ours, even if the item can be modified according to particular needs. "
In addition to marry a trademark policy, the brothers Stermieri take on another strategic decision to focus on exports. "Since the end of the nineties we began to search foreign customers and currently we sell 90 percent outside Italy. Especially We are projected to the U.S. and the Far East: Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, markets that appreciate our niche product."
Behind these results, there are a lot of work and great commitment: "Our customers come back each new season because they consider us a reliable partner. And this regards the quality of the product and the precision of the deliveries.
The trump card to be known abroad and broaden the horizons of the market was, at least for Paola Davoli, participation in "Modaprima Firenze", the fashion fair for medium and large wholesale and retailers which took place twice a year in Florence. "That show suited to our target - concludes Stermieri - one event that always gave us good satisfaction generating a large part of our business. Nowadays things have changed "Paola Davoli" fouded with competitors in Carpi #modamakers since 2016 and as 8th edition Paola Davoli will be present at the next edition of "Modamakers", scheduled at the Carpi Fashion System Center Via Agricoltura 43 November 12th to 14th, 2019, releasing her brand new collection 2020 Fall Winter.

premium Italian knitwear factory

Paola Davoli. The secret of our quality is our exclusive commitment to improve every season by experieced staff and ruled production process .


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